SDG Date Visualization

MPA collaboration with the Ministry of Local Government and Rural 

Development, Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Education

With the goal of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, the Government of Ghana has prioritized 70 core indicators of the SDGs as part of its efforts to localize and accelerate achievement of the global goals. To enhance the successful implementation of SDGs at the district level requires a robust electronic platform to (i) provide snapshot of SDG performance and status for all districts, (ii) help understand key implementation challenges, and (iii) identify gaps that must be closed to enable Ghana achieve the SDGs by 2030.

MPA is working with the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development to develop and implement real time District SDG Performance Visualization Hub to track progress toward the SDGs, and to assist districts in benchmarking their SDG performance against their counterparts. The SDG performance will be disseminated in creative ways in the local communities to spark collective and inclusive engagement on ways they can contextualize the SDGs and spur progress towards implementation.

MPA’s Support for SDG-related Research in Ghana

MPA Ghana is in partnership with number of academic institutions including Columbia University in NY, Duke Global Health Institute, US, University of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology to support students to conduct their research work in MPA Research Village at Amansie West District in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Lessons Learned from the experiences of different research and development projects are integrated into national development planning systems. In 2018, two students from Global Health at Duke University conducted research on the Role of Community Health Workers in Addressing Family Planning Needs in a Rural District in Ghana.

SDG-based Budgeting with National Economic Management Team

In 2018, the leadership of MPA in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance and the Government’s Economic Management Team (EMT) organized an SDGs Funding Gap Budgeting Meeting to brainstorm on the processes of aligning the national budget with SDGs.

Prof Jeffrey Sachs travelled to Ghana to meet with national experts to dialogue budgeting processes required to achieve Universal Health Coverage (SDG3) and Ensure Quality Educational opportunities for all (SDG 4).

The meeting sought to clarify the need for the country to: 1) identify and budget for funds needed to achieve the SDGs irrespective of funds and resources available to the country; 2) identify funding gaps; 3) map potential funding partners for additional funding to fill the gaps so that the SDGs can be achieved.

As a follow-up to the meeting, the Sustainable Development Policy Center (SDPC) was tasked to assist MPA to come up with an Estimated Funding Gap for the Health Sector in Ghana for the period 2019 to 2021.

Establishment of SDSN Ghana Chapter

MPA has engaged University of Ghana (UG) to host the SDSN Ghana Chapter. SDSN Ghana seeks to mobilise universities, research institutions, civil society organisations, businesses, and other knowledge centres around for solving practical problems of sustainable development.

As part of the preparation to launch the SDSN Ghana Chapter, a high-profile national dialogue on SDGs will be organized with strong participation of government representatives, universities, research institutions, civil society organizations, international organizations, business organizations, and institutions interested to be members of the SDSN.

Following the launch of the SDSN, a Leadership Council will be established to provide visibility, intellectual leadership, stimulate dialogue, and also engage international organizations, business and potential donors to support the mobilization of resources.

Partnership with Ghana Civil Society Organizations’ Platform on SDGs 

MPA and the Ghana Civil Society Organizations’ (CSOs) Platform on the SDGs have recently signed an MoU with the objectives to:  1) Facilitate youth involvement on the various sub-platforms of the CSOs platform; 2) Support the implementation of the Rolling ICE on SDGs program; and 3) Coordinate media activities on the SDGs, including establishing the best report on SDGs category, media training and editor’s forum.

It is gratifying to know that through the CSOs platform, the Government of Ghana has selected MPA’s Rolling ICE on the SDGs initiative as one of Ghana’s exhibits towards the achievement of the SDGs to showcase at the High Level Political Forum (HLPF) in UN Headquarters in New York from 7-18th July 2019. MPA will join hands with the CSOs Platform to present a video of the Rolling ICE on SDGs at the HLPF. The event is designed to give participating countries in the HLPF an opportunity to discuss the main theme of the session and exchange experiences on SDGs implementation. 

Rolling ICE on SDGs

The involvement of young people in the discourse and action in achieving the SDGs is essential because young people will be affected most by the actions and inactions towards the achievement of the SDGs. In order to actively engage young people productively on the SDGs, Governments, agencies and organizations would have to provide avenues that will peak and sustain the interest of young people in taking collective action towards the achievement of the SDGs. To this end MPA launched a nationwide programme referred to as Rolling ICE on SDGs Ghana Project to promote the involvement of young people on their role in achieving the 2030 Agenda. As part of the launch, MPA and GES outdoored Braille and Sign Language Versions of the SDGs.

Rolling ICE on SDGs Ghana Project is an initiative that aims to activate young people to contribute towards the achievement of the SDGs in three levels: Information, Communication and Education (ICE). The framework of the initiative allows young people to identify entry-points in working with the SDGs.

The Rolling ICE on the SDGs Ghana Project will be run as a competition among all public senior high schools in the country. The Rolling ICE on the SDGs Ghana Project seeks to use a combination of arts and entertainment to provide an opportunity and a platform to actively engage young people on the issues of the SDGs and their achievement in the country.

Rolling ICE on SDGs is a collaborative effort between Ghana’s Ministry of Education, Ghana Education Service in partnership with Millennium Promise Alliance and the Civil Society Organizations (CSO) Platform on SDGs with funding support from Sergey Brin Foundation and Jennifer Gross.

Celebrities for SDGs

Millennium Promise Ghana has initiated the Celebrities for SDGs project with the aim to educate the masses in the communities by leveraging on the images of celebrities in Ghana. Celebrities roadshows will be organized to engage market women, lorry stations, offices, factories, Schools and all the masses.

MPA has signed an MOU with reputable celebrities in the music and movie industry to begin the pilot of the Celebrities for SDGs Ghana roadshow. The MOU was established with Daughters of Glorious Jesus and Bill Asamoah. The celebrities will be engaging with the communities and Schools on SDGs to prompt them to be involved in its attainment as a country.

The Celebrities for SDGs Ghana project will have other renowned celebrities from the arts industry to be on board. Also, talented artists and painters will be included in this drive towards awareness creation by painting walls and streets with beautiful designs that spells out the 17 SDGS.