MPV Bonsaaso, Cluster


The Millennium Villages Project (MVP) implemented a 10 year, multisector, rural development project, initiated in 2005, operating across fifteen different sites in ten sub-Saharan African countries to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). MVP was implemented in partnership between the Earth Institute at Columbia University, Millennium Promise, and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)—aimed to demonstrate that even the poorest and most remote communities in rural sub-Saharan Africa can implement and manage the range of interventions required to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). By demonstrating “what success looks like,” the MVP sought to contribute to global accountability—with requisite urgency—by drawing attention to the feasibility of evidence-based, high-impact, integrated approaches to supporting community-level achievement of the MDGs, and moreover, by mobilizing greater support from diverse stakeholders for targeted investments to address extreme poverty.

The MVP partnered with communities to create and facilitate sustainable, community-led action plans to help achieve the MDGs that were context-specific and tailored to meet communities’ priorities. Simple solutions, such as the use of high-yield seeds, fertilizers, and anti-malarial bednets, combined with infrastructure improvements of key public facilities, like clinic and schools, and capacity building at the local level were effectively combating extreme poverty and nourishing communities into a new age of health and opportunity. The project also leveraged new advances in science and technology to help empower communities and maximize impact on the ground.

The  fifteen locations are: Koraro, Ethiopia; Bonsaaso, Ghana; SADA, Ghana; Dertu, Kenya; Sauri, Kenya;Gumulira, Malawi; Mwandama, Malawi; Tiby, Mali; Toya, Mali; Ikaram, Nigeria; Pampaida, Nigeria; Mayange, Rwanda; Potou, Senegal; Mbola, Tanzania; and, Ruhiira, Uganda

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