Chief Nathaniel Ebo Nsarko

Executive Director

Chief Nathaniel Ebo Nsarko, a fellow of the American Academy of Project Management (AAPM), holds Masters in Project Management (MPM), MBA-PH, MCH, BFA, DIP-TEC. Chief Nathaniel Ebo Nsarko is the executive director of Millennium Promise, Chief Advisor to the UN Youth, Ghana and the president of the Coffee Federation of Ghana. Chief Nathaniel Ebo Nsarko has over 17 years of practical field experience as Community Health and Development Communication expert with various managerial positions at the national, regional, district and community levels in Ghana. As a communications and sustainable project concept designer, Chief Nat has been a social development consultant to Morehouse College Atlanta Georgia, USA and as demonstrated a high level of commitment in his career.

His rich experience has earned him deep involvement with Ministries of Health, Employment, Education, Gender and local Government in the Ghana over the years. He has worked directly and indirectly with five successive sector ministers of Health in Ghana over the years. Chief Nat’s extensive knowledge and practical experience and unparalleled understanding of the socio-cultural dynamics in Ghana, great negotiation and lobbying skills paired with his project implementation skills is verified by his new dual position as the Executive Director for MPA and Country Director of ImCHW Campaign. Ghana, coupled with is advisory role on Ghana to Professor Jeffrey Sachs, the special advisor the UN secretary general on SDGs. He has been a principal investigator for several research programs including CHW research Ghana, Tele-Dentistry research program with Boston University, Duke Global Health Institute, North Carolina – MP research program, etc. He also heads the implementation of Teleagric in Ghana and the corporate affairs directorate of Kuapa Kokoo Union-Ghana, a cooperative of over 100,000 farmers in Ghana. His long standing relationship with the Ministry of Health and Ghana Health Service, as lead scout for Ministers of Health and the Regenerative Health and Nutrition department under the Policy Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit of the Ministry of Health Ghana from 2004 -2011, offered him a great opportunity to serve on several ministerial committees in various capacities. He was the lead consultant for the training and deployment of over thirty-one thousand Health Promotion Assistants under the Better a Ghana Management – MoH program across the country. He has also consulted for Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia USA and the Queens Association of Ghana on students’ social service projects. Chief Nat as head of communications and a management team member was extensively involved in the roll-out of the Regenerative Health and Nutrition Program (RHNP) in 186 districts in all the ten regions of Ghana. He has served on many Ministerial committees at the MoH and GHS.

Chief Nathaniel Ebo Nsarko’s service delivery related to health made him a National Resource Person and a consultant to the National Adolescent Health Development Program (ADHD) of the Ghana Health Service. Chief Nat as an executive chairman for Public Education and Human Development Agency authored the maiden edition of National Step-By-Step Approach to Community Based Health Promotion in Ghana – a training manual for the training of health promotions assistance in Ghana. He also has a proven track record for building teams and fostering collaboration to achieve set goals and milestones. He successfully led an on-site Training and Supportive Supervision team on ICCM for the training of supervisors and data enumerators in the Volta, Eastern and Ashanti Regions of Ghana. Chief Nat was appointed as the program manager for the Ghana Students’ Industrial Attachment Program under the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development. From his student leadership role as Director of Programs for University Students Association of Ghana (USAG) to date, he has demonstrated efficient program planning, personnel management, stakeholder coordination and decision-making skills, with the ability to ensure accountability, including human resources and financial reporting. Throughout his career, Chief Nat has held organizational functions with increasing levels of responsibility. Accordingly, he is a highly skilled field and administrative organizer and learns very fast on jobs.