MPA and Partners embark on Nationwide Pre-Sschool Medical Screening in Ghana

The Ghana Health Service in collaboration with Ghana Education service and Millennium Promise embarked on nationwide medical screening of preschool children in Ghana which started 10th September 2019.

This is part of on-going implementation of school based services and health and nutrition screening with aim of ensuring optimal health, nutrition and wellness of all pre-tertiary pupils and students and contribute to learning outcomes.

It is also a flagship goal in which Millennium Promise seeks to implement for better attainment of sustainable development goal three which says Good health and well-being.

This is in recognition that the common conditions of ill health among school children can be dealt with effectively, simply and cheaply through school health and nutrition programs that include school based health and nutrition services, along with supportive school policies, safe water and sanitation and skills based health education including hygiene.

Millennium Promise has been collaborated with Ghana Health Service since 2017 for health screening for all first years students in second cycle institutions, about 300,000 students reached during the 2017-2018 academic year. Following the successful implementation of the screening process for the Senior High School Students, the process of screening pre-school pupils was initiated in 2018 the intervention is been scaled up this year and at the beginning of the new academic year.

The medical screening exercise is targeting all pupils at the point of entry into Kindergarten 1 or 2 or Primary 1 and they are mandated to undergo this medical screening exercise as part of admission process.
The screening activities is been done by trained health workers using a robust screening tool developed by Millennium Promise Alliance which include history taking, physical examination teeth, assessments of Nutritional status, speech, hearing among others.

Post- screening activities will include referral of eligible children to be appropriately referred for further investigation and management assess progress following referral, support to implement recommendations for referred children.