2010 – MVP Bonsaaso Annual Report

The Millennium Villages Project (MVP) offers a bold, innovative model for helping rural African communities lift themselves out of extreme poverty. The Millennium Villages are proving that by fighting poverty at the village level through community-led development, rural Africa can achieve the Millennium Development Goals’ global targets for reducing extreme poverty and hunger by half and improving education, health, gender equality and environmental sustainability by 2015, and escape the extreme poverty that traps hundreds of millions of people throughout the continent.

With the help of new advances in science and technology, project personnel work with villages to create and facilitate sustainable, community-led action plans that are tailored to the villages’ specific needs and designed to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. Simple solutions like providing high-yield seeds, fertilizers, medicines, bore-holes, and materials to build school rooms and clinics are effectively combating extreme poverty and nourishing communities into a new age of health and opportunity. Improved science and technology such as agro-forestry, insecticide-treated bed nets, antiretroviral drugs, the Internet, remote sensing, and geographic information systems enriches this progress.

The Ghana cluster has made great progress in diversifying crops and increasing average yields, helping to decrease the prevalence of malnutrition. Significant improvements in the areas of health, education and infrastructure have also contributed to early yet dramatic changes in the quality of life for community members.

This report covers the details of activities of the Bonsaaso Millennium Village Cluster for the year under 2010 in terms of achievements, challenges and perspectives into the future.

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